Sam is one of the main protagonists in The Secret Life of Shifters. He was a human, but was forced into becoming a wolf by Whymper. He is the first Shifter, but he cannot Shift. He was then cloned for the propose making a wolf army. He and his clones escaped from the lab thanks to Jim and lived isolated for years before Jim finds him. He is chosen to become one of the Fundamental Protectors by the Three Goddesses; Iris, Fortanu and Xayni.


Sam was given the elemental power of fire by the god ______. His true power is awakened by Xayni. He can light his fur on fire that can melt steel, launch fire from his mouth, and slash with fire on his claws. His aura is deep red.



Sam and Jim met in the camp. They were forced to fight to the death for entertainment. Sam fought everyday, never losing. Jim beat him and had his jaws at his throat. To win this battle, you have to kill the opponent. Jim took his mouth away and allowed him to live, but he was then tortured because of it. Sam has respected him ever since.


Sam and James' relationship is a tense one. Both realize the power that the other has and respects them for it. but they both are willing to do what is necessary to keep peace, even if it means fighting the other.


Sam hates Damien. There is no way around it. Damien is responsible for many of Sam's friends death. Sam always wins in a fight, but Damien always finds a way to come back.


Whymper is Sam creator, but not a father. Whymper created him for war and battle. He forced him to kill many wolves to train him. Sam sill regrets the blood he made others shed.

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