Jim is one of the main protagonists in The Secret Life of Shifters. He is a Shifter, meaning he can transformer between a animal and human form, his animal form being a wolf. He is chosen to become one of the Fundamental Protectors by the Three Goddesses; Iris, Fortanu and Xayni. He fought Whymper multiple times. He was even captured and enslaved by him for three years at one of his camps. 


Jim Y. Ruan was born into a small family in the human settlement of Cornacha. He was raised by his 2 parents and his younger brother and sister. They all eventually died due to a fire, which Jim blames himself for. He wandered the streets of many settlements until meeting James. They quickly became friends. One year later, the two wander into a abandoned house and find a old box with 2 orange pill. Thinking it was food, they both took the pills, becoming Shifters. The pills were remaining prototypes of one of Whympers experiments. Hiding their new found powers for multiple months before they were run out of town. They lived isolated for many years before trying to return. They were discovered and attacked. This is where the book begins.


While imprisoned in one of Whympers camps, an elderly wolf taught him to channel an aura, a magical field that everything with a soul has. Jim's aura is changes based on his emotions. Based on his aura color, he can cast different elemental spells. Casting a elemental spell without the uses of an aura uses lots of his energy and is very difficult. He can also cast multiple spells without his aura, like creating a bow and arrows to use by his human form. His true power was unlock by the goddess Fortanu. If he uses too much of his aura at one time, he can overload his aura. His eyes will turn a deep black, and black aura will drip out. His aura turn black and he risks death. Since his aura changes so frequently, it is hard to know his true aura color. He has a blue and violet aura with hints of gold and pink.

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