Artemis is one of the main protagonists in The Secret Life of Shifters. She is the daughter of the original Alpha of the Silverclaw pack. She is chosen to become one of the Fundamental Protectors by the Three Goddesses; Iris, Fortanu and Xayni. She is known as the Quartz Healer.



Artemis' powers of healing and boosting was awakened by the goddess Fortanu. She can heal allies with a touch and harm enemies. She can also increase stamina, increase magical energy, and boost aura. Artemis' worries that her teammates with keep her at the cave because she is too weak, but she has proven by saving Jim and boost her team members that she is very useful. Her aura is pink and green.



Over the course of the story, Artemis has become very attached to Jim, trying to be around him as much as possible. Jim, being blind, never thought of her as she thought of him, didn't notice her feeling until she kissed him.


Artemis' relationship with her father is... complicated. She loves her father, but she didn't enjoy the amount of pressure and respect she was getting for being the daughter of the Alpha. She still visits his grave weekly.


Like many of the wolves, Artemis was very nervous around Damien. Especially around the pups. But she did trust Jim's judgement of there being good in Damien.


Eos and Artemis are best friends. Nothing seems to separate them. In fact, she is the one that introduced Eos to James.

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